Ensuring affordable fresh quality products for your daily needs. 

PuraVitaFood mission is to spread worldwide the best Italian food production.

Our Sicilian, Calabrian and Sardinian products come from small family businesses which are working honouring family tradition since decades.

With more passion and love, every year, for every harvest they collect the fruit of their hard work and they preserve it naturally. Only pure food!

I am Eleonora, a young italian woman with a strong passion for italian food and culture, and I am PuraVitaFood.

PuraVitaFood imports Italian traditional products as extra virgin olive oil, honey, jams, juices, dried fruits. All products imported are grown, processed and packed in the same town.

Amsterdam city markets and restaurants know PuraVitaFood products thanks to its green sticker, which lets immediately recognize quality while original branding is just translated from Italian version.

No marketing, no increased prices for Gero, Pianeta Terra, Vicio il mastro pastaio, Angie's cocktails and kitchen's, Mastro fuinnaru, Virtù Amsterdam. Some of our BtoB beloved customers.

PuraVitaFood spotted also some sales points where products could be not only served and combined with other fresh ingredients, but also sold to customers. 

Plank 69 and A Volo, our sales point in Amsterdam, are always available to explain what is magic about every single jar. Feel always free to stop at Plank 69 or A Volo and let them spoil you.

PuraVitaFood keeps delivering to restaurants, bakerys, caterings and families. Standing also at city markets as often as possible, on Saturday, we are temporary getting a stand at Biologische Boerenmarkt.

It is easy to eat outside or heat a premade meal  but is it always healthy?

What is sure is that PuraVitaFood products mean not only taste and easy life but also high nutritional values and a lot of vitamines directly at your table.

Taking care of yourself has always been a good idea!


Sweet sicilian grandmother


PuraVitaFood is active on most food markets in Amsterdam, but you can also find our products in these stores:


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